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Friday, September 9, 2011

Mustache Ride For Sale $4500.00

Welp the time has come to sell this bike...Askin for $4500.00 below are a few stats about it

2 Gallon Peanut Tank(Gets 70mpg), Patina Paint job with Love & Ink Artwork, Hand Fabricated 2 into 1 exhaust, Uni Air Filters, Re-jetted and tuned carburetor, Front & Rear sprocket gearing changed (Cruises on the HWY and Flys on the surface streets), Hand Fabricated Side Plate and Custom Artwork, Biltwell Narrow Seat pan with custom stretched leather and Serape fabric, Handmade Taillight (made out of a Skatewheel), Handmade Handle Bars, Biltwell Grips, Custom Made Rear Fender, 4.5” Headlight, 18” Stainless Steel Laced Rear Wheel, Trials Front and Rear Tires (Designed for Street Use), All parts are professionally powder coated, Brand new hidden Wiring harness


  1. Hand made Zombie Performance handlebars!

  2. Hey man, you've got some really awesome builds! this bike in particular is sweet! I love the mexican blanket seat and how you integrate skateboard parts in the bikes too, truly unique. If I had a bobber I would totally want you to make!

  3. Great Bike! Very very unique and nice work. Keep it up.