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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Triumph America by Machine 13:FOR SALE 6K

Finally I have been able to post up some pictures of my latest build...For this one I chose a 2007 Triumph say the least they are extremely large and lame looking cruisers in my that the bike is finished I am ready to sell..looking for 6k...Bike started out brand new pretty much..bought it of some dude for with less than 200 true form with all my bike builds I ditched everything on the bike leaving me with frame engine and wheels...This particular bike was a lot of work..I could go into all the detail but instead just enjoy the photos and you will see all the fabrication and details it took...for those that may be interested in buying call Zack at 480 239 6881...this bike is very fast, comfortable, clean, reliable, and pretty much rad all around