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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Evo Sporty Build

Just finished up a project for my good friend Brian...This little scoot started off its life as a stock 2005 XL1200C..basically took it back down to frame and started from there..hope you like the pics.

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  1. Zack is a truly talented builder and gifted artist. His vision followed through to perfect implementation here. I have deep appreciation and respect. I am the lucky owner of this bike. I can tell you that the pictures don't come close to doing justice to the attention to detail, quality, form/function, and artwork on this bike. This bike distills the essence of what it is to ride and experience that ride. Nothing gets in the way of it. Everything unnecessary stripped clean. Ass feels welded to the frame (but with minimum vibrations thx to the rubber mounted engine/soft tail), wind in your face, throaty sound without being too over-the-top, perfect riding position, nimble, and loads of subdued style. With at least 100+ pounds stripped and cut off, this bike has serious power to spare. ...and the tank artwork - masterfully done & resonates with me - I love it. I could go on but all I really want to do is go riding again. I have a smile on my face just thinking about it. Zack, my sincere thanks, friend.
    -Brian Dinse