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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Honda Rebel Build


  1. hey zack. just saw your bike on biltwell. would like to do a short profile of the bike, your art, and you on my site, if that's cool, shoot me an email to trent at

  2. saw this on man... what a rad scoot. great job.

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  4. would you please contact me i have a rebel project and have a few questions thanks

  5. Hey. Love the bike. I have a little family rebel I'm about to fix up. Can I ask you some questions on how you did the exhaust?

  6. hi.i may be a little to late,but i have a question about your did you make the pillon seat?is it just the back fender or is it reinforced?i've been looking all over the internet for a way to make a passenger seat on the back fender,and i found your bike wich i really like.
    i hope you will answer me.(my privete email is

  7. Hey man i also have the same question as flopfp above how did you do the back seat does it hold a passenger or is i just for looks. I have a guy that welds so was thinking of making a custom support for the back. then do i just need to find a fender that works? can you email me at thanks man